Katie Crowe by Hannah Hayworth Photography


 Katie Crowe by Hannah Hayworth Photography

Lazy Snack

Behold my wondrous lazy snack mix that doubles as.. gasp!… paleo cereal!

The above is unsweetened shredded coconut, slivered almonds, and unsweetened raisins.  

*Pro Tip: put that shit in a bowl, add a sliced banana, hell- maybe even some pepitas! Pour coconut or almond milk over and boom— cereal!

The “Pee” Analogy The process of feeling hungry, experiencing a body-wisdom-based desire for a certain type of food, eating the food, stopping when satisfied, and then going off to do something else without another thought is “normal eating”. This is completely analogous to what occurs when you have to pee. You sense your body’s need, you relieve yourself, and then you go back to what you were doing. In both cases, you read a physical signal, meet the physical need, and give it no more thought. That’s normal. Now imagine what a strange world it would be if we were told that peeing had to be done on a schedule. We should pee four times a day, and it should be at four hour intervals, and we should only pee one cup at a time. If we need to pee in between times, we should hold it. If we want to pee more than one cup, we should hold that for the next time. Sound bizarre? That’s basically what a diet is. It is just as bizarre to regulate your eating according to arbitrary external rules rather than internal cues. Eating is a basic bodily function just like elimination. We don’t need to be told how to do it.

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so good

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I like this. I like it a lot.

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Comfort Food

I made paleo shepherd’s pie and biscuits for dinner. The shepherd’s pie was too good. It’ll definitely be in constant rotation in my meals. My boyfriend devoured the biscuits but I felt they were a little dry. I’m going to make them again and tweak the recipe and cross my fingers for success.

Here is the recipe I used for the biscuits:


Those are the ones I made. They’re kind of ugly.

Here is the recipe I based my shepherd’s pie off of:

All that I did differently was used ground beef instead of lamb, I didn’t use mushrooms, I opted for a tablespoon of bbq sauce in place of Worcestershire, and the best part of all— I used sweet potato instead of cauliflower.



I know, I know- it looks like dog barf but I promise it’s delightful. It’s even good as leftovers which is the best part!

Rosemary Garlic Roasted Acorn Squash





This one is easy peasy! 


acorn squah

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp ground nutmeg

2 tbsp fresh rosemary (roughly chopped)

2 tbsp butter (or ghee)

salt & pepper


1. Halve the acorn squash and scoop seeds out. Cut each half in half until you have smaller sections. (My squash produced 8 wedges.)

2. Melt butter/ghee and using a pastry brush, generously cover the wedges.

3. Liberally apply salt and pepper to each wedge.

4. In a bowl, mix garlic powder, nutmeg, and rosemary. Sprinkle mixture over each wedge.

5. Roast squash in a 400 degree oven for 40-50 minutes on a baking pan.

*Tip: to get wedges to stay upright so they roast evenly, gently remove a small slice from the bottom so they don’t shift on the pan.

This recipe was taken from:


Coconut is fantastic. It’s delicious, full of ~healthy fats~, and makes your hair shiny.

VitaCoco with orange is my favorite but the pineapple one is dope too. But the hands down best coconut water I’ve ever had is Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice with lime. It’s unbelievable. I’m contemplating buying a 12 pack off of Amazon. But then I’d be in a coconut water stupor because when the nectar of the gods is in your hands, you drink. Damn it, you drink.


Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter — Anonymous  (via fawun)

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Who Inspires Me

The CrossFit world is filled with some wonderfully strong women. I look up to quite a few of them.

Andrea Ager




Jackie Perez




Rita Benavidez




These women are all strong, lean, super muscular, and very talented. They put in hard work and get results. I want to be as capable of greatness as they are. I don’t idolize them solely for their physiques though. I look up to them because they are dedicated and ooze positivity. 

It’ll be a long time before I can preform how they do but for now, I’ll let them continue to inspire me to reach my goals.

Lazy Snack

almond butter + coconut flakes = paradise

(or cashew butter + dried cranberries)

(or any nut butter + raisins)

My Love Affair with Avocados

I love avocados. Love. I could eat them daily. They’re good mixed in salads, slathered on strips of bacon, or eaten with a spoon. My favorite way to eat them is with a spoon and liberal salt and pepper.


And now! Fun facts!

  1. They’re a fruit, not a vegetable.
  2. They ripen faster if they’re near another piece of fruit.
  3. Avocado can be used as a butter substitute in recipes (or a mayo substitute for us paleo folks!).
  4. Each fruit contains roughly 30g of fat so they’re very satiating.


There are 1,000 more reasons avocado needs to be in your life more and there’s a Buzzfeed to prove it:

A Paleo/Primal Valentine’s Day

2014 will be the fourth Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I have spent together. We have a tradition of trading off “duties” each year. I planned last year so this year is his turn. We’ll see what happens. Last year, I made him paleo chicken cordon bleu and chocolate covered strawberries.

Here are some ideas for your meal:


zuc pros




easy paleo chicken cordon bleu recipe Chicken Cordon Bleu




avocado pudding1

Healthy Grain-Free Coconut Cupcakes


If none of the above are appealing to you- you’re nuts. BUT one of the best things about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle is that you can essentially turn ANY recipe into something Paleo-certified. Just Google “Paleo _____” and you’ll find that recipe for whatever it is you were looking for. Trust me. Paleo oreos? Right here:  (you’re welcome)


Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! 


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